MUD - Original Mud - Detox Bath and Body Mask - All Organix

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  • MUD is a clay bath powder designed to detox your body, smooth skin and relax your mind. MUD's key ingredient, Bentonite clay, has an electrical charge which comes to life when married with water. The negative charge in the clay attracts the positive charge found in toxins, and this is how toxins are extracted. 

    Bentonite clay targets toxins, chemicals and impurities.

    Himalayan pink rock salt cleanses and smoothes the skin.

    Kaolin clay increases circulation and exfoliates.

    Sandalwood powder improves skin tone and reduces dryness.

    Aloe vera powder moisturises and helps alleviate skin conditions.

    Organic French Lavender powder regulates sleep and promotes relaxation.

  • How to use MUD:

    1. Mix: Pour half the packet (100gm) into a small plastic, glass or ceramic bowl. Gradually add 1 cup of warm or hot water and start mixing with a wooden sppon to create your MUD mix. Once the lumps are gone add your mixture to your bath tub. Remember - It's best not to use any metal, as any interaction with metal will interfere with the electrical charge in the clay.

    2. Bathe: Ok, so it may look a little scary but you have to be brave and bathe! Honestly, you will thank us for it afterwards. Soak up the goodness for approximately 20-40 minutes. After your bath have a quick rinse under the shower to wash away the toxins which have been pulled out by MUD.

    3. Sleep: You will feel tired and relaxed after your bath so take it easy and have an amazing nights sleep.

    4. Repeat: In seven days you will be ready to do it all again. Remember to stay hydrated, before, during and after your bath. Please note MUD should not be used while pregnant or on children. Make sure you perform a patch test prior to use.

  • Bentonite Clay, Himalayan pink rock salt, Kaolin Clay, Sandalwood powder, Aloe Vera powder, Organic French Lavender powder.
  • 200g