How to Do a Smokey Eye - minus the nasties All Organix

How to rock a smokey eye (minus the chemical nasties)

Whether you are off to drinks with the girls, a night out on the town or a date, a smokey eye is a go-to favourite for instant drama! Pair with a LBD and red lips to take your look to the next level! We’re sharing our tips on how to get the smokey eye look without all the nasty chemicals hidden in commercial makeup products!

 How to Rock a Smokey Eye All Organix

Step 1. Concealer

Blend a small amount of concealer, primer or foundation over the eyelid as a base.

This will help blend your eye products better and stop any smears or travelling of your makeup throughout the night! Next, blend a light concealer under the eye to cover any blemishes or bags. We suggest ERE PEREZ AMAZING ARNICA CONCEALER in LIGHT. This natural cream concealer contains healing arnica, and soothes as it covers. It’s also perfect for those sensitive, delicate areas around the eyes.


Step 2. Curl Lashes

The key to a sultry, smokey eye is beautiful thick lashes. Using an eyelash curler, gently clamp down on the base of your lashes and hold for 5 seconds before releasing. You can even try using a heated eyelash curler for extra definition.

Step 3. Base Shadow

Pick a light grey or brown shadow and blend using your finger or a brush from your lash line to your crease. This will act as the base for your smokey eye. The ERE PEREZ - ECO VEGAN EYE BRUSH is a beautiful dual purpose, two-ended vegan eye brush that has a fine tapered end to apply fine lines to create more of an eyeliner and a fatter, rounder end that's beautifully soft and perfect for smudging and blending! 

Step 4. Line Lashes

Line your top and bottom lash lines with a black eyeliner, we suggest using a eye pencil so that it can be blended and softened. Otherwise grab an angled brush and line your lashes top and bottom with a dark black shadow for a softer look. The ERE PEREZ ORGANIC JOJOBA EYE PENCIL in BLACK has a soothing jojoba oil formula, is 100% natural and excellent for sensitive eyes. The light-weight texture makes it easy to apply and it can be smudged before drying!

Step 5. Feature Eyeshadow

You can choose a dark black, brown or any dark colour and blend from the outer corners of the eye to the middle of the lid. We also love to add a shimmer over the top! ERE PEREZ CREATIVE CHAMOMILE EYE DUO in BETTER THAN SMOKEY is perfect for creating a dark eye and you can even blend the two colours for something unique!

Step 6. Liquid Eyeliner

Using a liquid eyeliner, draw a line from the inner eye to the outer on the top lash getting thicker at the end. If you are feeling brave you can even try a winged eyeliner! *Quick tip: Use sticky tape to create a stencil for your eyeliner. Get as close to the outer corner as you can and angle the tape up towards the top of your ears. This will give you a nice clean line. For those girls with smaller or close set eyes, avoid too much product on the inner corner of the eye and instead start ¾ to ½ way along the eye.

Step 7. Highlighter

Using highlighter or a shimmery pink shadow, blend along your brow line and in the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop. We suggest using your finger to get right into the inner corner blending down and up onto the eyelid. ERE PEREZ VERSATILE VANILLA HIGHLIGHTER in FALLING STAR suits all skin tones and features natural vanilla for texture and gorgeous fragrance! 

Step 8. Mascara

No smokey eye is complete without mascara. We love the ERE PEREZ - NATURAL ALMOND OIL MASCARA in BLACK. Pop a few layers on your top and bottom lashes and you are ready to go!

Ere Perez Natural Almond Mascara Black All Organix

 and....BOOM! Smokey eye perfection. Ready for that date night, or drinks with the girls. Whatever comes your way your are going to be rocking a super sultry smokey eye...You got this!

How to do a Smokey Eye All Organix

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